MESJOKKE MONDAY TUNES PLAYLIST Have you been listening to our Mesjokke Monday Tunes for quite some time now? Or have you just started to follow this? No matter what the answer is, you can now find all the Monday Tunes on this Spotify playlist. So that you can you start your monday even better…

LET’S CEAUX MESJOKKE We love making chocolate of course, but you can make so much more with cocoa. Like beer… Yes, beer. Together with CEAUX-brewery we produce different cocoa beers under the name Let’s CEAUX Mesjokke. Different types of beers in different seasons. Whether this is good, you are asking? Well, you know us don’t you 😉 Try it yourself at multiple bars and shops. Keep track of our Facebook page to find a point of sales near to you. Cheers!

D R C The limited edition Mystery Dark #3 has reached it’s limit. The cocoa that we used for this chocolate came all the way from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even more specific, from the Mountains of the Moon region. Shortly, we will release the fourth edition of our Mystery Dark chocolate with a totally different flavour profile. With cocoa from…. (please, fill it in yourself!)

MESJOKKE CACAO CHEESE We are mesjokke, so that’s why…. We are launching our own cheese, with cocoa nibs from the chocolatefactory in Nieuwegein. The cheese is produced by Van Rossum, Vianen, and is sold by Familie van Rijk in Utrecht, Het Cacaomuseum in Amsterdam and Zaans Gedaan in Zaandam. Do you get a hold of your own, exclusive cocoa cheese?

MESJOKKE CHOCOLATE ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE Aren’t you living close enough to one of the shops where our chocolate bars are sold? Fear not, but go to ClearChox, The Chocolate Shop ,De Chocoladeverkopers  or Delicious Vanilla and order your favorite chocolate simply online.